when i was younger, i, for some reason, really loved "about me" papers and projects. i somehow just knew so many interesting things about me. i knew what i liked, i knew all of my favorite things, i knew what i was, what i wanted to be, what i could've been, etc. i was so eager to talk about myself, not in an egotistical way, but in a "i am so aware of who i am as a person" way, if that makes sense. now, i feel precisely the opposite about those kinds of assignments and projects. i stare at the blank paper or screen, and my hands hover there, waiting for anything from my brain to write. but, there is nothing i can think of. in theory, people should become more complex and interesting as they grow up. i have felt like i have done the opposite; i have quite literally regressed in uniqueness. i also know basically nothing about myself, because i hate existing and the thought of it. i am not very proud of that.

so, making an entire part of my site about myself is, in fact, very daunting.

i'm fran. that's an online alias. my pronouns are an enigma, so i don't really mind whatever ones you use for me. i don't prefer it/its, though.

i am an absurdly mediocre teenager that dabbles in anything that is of interest to me. i am not particularly good at anything, but i do things that i like more than others.

i practically grew up on the internet, though, that's one thing i should note. much of my interests are products of the technology age; video games, anime, coding, etc. but, i also go outside enough so that i have some more interesting likes. i'm a band kid, and i play the flute. i like perfume a normal amount. and i do speech and debate, but not the acting stuff. also, i like cats and pompompurin a lot.

i am part of the weird group of neurodivergent kids that have been shoved into the "gifted" label; although, that doesn't really mean much. i find the gifted label a bit dumb, but it doesn't really matter that much, so i don't care. growing up, i was wee autist, and i literally did not know how social cues worked or what they even were. ever since, i have, metaphorically, sat on the sidelines ever since. that's why i find comfort in the internet :)

i am not a very interactive, active, or sociable person. i find comfort in being able to sit and do the online equivalent of parallel play with people. i'm an introvert at heart, but i'm not one of those weird people who think that means i just don't like socializing. i do, but only in excess. the cool thing about the internet is that i can just close a tab and come back to it later when i'm done talking to someone for the day. boy, i wish i could do that irl. like i mentioned earlier, i grew up on the internet. i know how to type better than i do how to write with a pencil or how to speak, and i am more aware of internet etiquete than real life etiquette. while i do agree that it was pretty bad for my development in many ways, i have to admit that it's also a fundamental part of why i am the way i am.

this site serves as a personal online journal. there's nothing in specific, really. i'll rant about my thoughts into the void of servers and fiber optic cables, paste cool links i find, and whatever.

i hope you find this site, in its everlasting state of construction, somewhat interesting :p