fran's web space (´。• ω •。`)★・゚・
hey! this site is going thru a HUGE revamp (for the 4th time...) many links will be defunct for now as they are bring worked on presently!

hi, im fran and this is my weird little corner on the internet. theres no short or neat way to describe my site, its... a site. for my own personal workings. this site has been through a lot of reworks and changes over its 2-3 year span, yet, the essence of it remains the same: to be a space for me to post, make, and do whatever the hell i want.

little note about this site, i am always working on making sure this site is optimized for as many platforms as possible, but i cannot guarantee that it always will be :/ so, for an optimal viewing experience, view my site on desktop. (of course, you should be able to read and view stuff just fine on mobile, it just may be a bit ugly.)

oh yeah, about that, i am not very experienced or even "good" at coding. i am constantly learning about how to make things more efficent, look better, etc. of course, this site is, and will always be, a culmination of that.

please note that i am a pretty solitary and somewhat private person. however, if you would like to reach out, shoot me a dm on my tumblr ><

buttons, blinkies, stamps, etc :p

my own button, link to me ^^